The Neighborhood Vision is of a Starr Hill Area community whose future growth is guided by a commitment to racial, economic and social equity. We will create a neighborhood identity rooted in African American presence and prosperity with real opportunities for the Black community to foster ownership -- of property, commerce and culture.


▪       A MORE EQUITABLE COMMUNITY: We are committed to leveling the economic and social playing field in the Charlottesville community. We envision a neighborhood where those who are often marginalized are empowered to congregate and co-create, build and own, and innovate and learn.

 ▪       PROMOTE BLACK PROSPERITY: We will create strong pathways for African Americans in Charlottesville to thrive and grow. We envision a neighborhood centered around Black-owned property, commerce and culture with visible access to capital and financing.

▪       CONTINUOUS LEARNING: We will be a critical spoke in Charlottesville’s workforce education efforts. Our vision is a community that creates meaningful opportunities for professional and workforce development, education and growth. 

▪       BELONGING AND INCLUSION: We believe that Charlottesville should feel inclusive and welcoming to every resident. We envision a culturally distinctive neighborhood with financially and socially accessible community spaces and activities.

▪       STRONG CONNECTIVITY: We see opportunities for Charlottesville to continue strengthening its physical, social and economic relationships. We envision a more connected neighborhood where people can access adjacent residential neighborhoods and commercial areas. 

▪       RESPECT EXISTING FABRIC: We share Charlottesville’s commitment to distinct neighborhoods and community commercial corridors. We will advocate for zoning that fosters vibrant street level activity, and maintains the integrity of the existing Starr Hill neighborhood as it grows.