CBS19 Feature on New Hill

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Charlottesville City Council approved of a $500,000 grant for New Hill Development Corporation to create a small area plan.

New Hill Development Corporation is an African-American led nonprofit organization with the goal to help black upward mobility in Charlottesville.

The organization hopes to help the city develop affordable housing as well as create more black-owned businesses.

Yolunda Harrell, the CEO and founder of New Hill Development Corporation, said they want to hear what people would like to see in the new development. 

"We will work with the community to understand what the community would like to plan," said Harrell. "And that's what small area plans are about. We're at the beginning. We're not at the end. This is just what we're kicking off."

Harrell said the small area plan will look at how to develop the Star Hill area and the old footprint of Vinegar Hill.