NBC29 Feature on New Hill


More affordable housing may be on the way thanks to a new corporation that aims to help Charlottesville’s African-American community.

New Hill Development is the first African-American-led development corporation in Charlottesville. Its main goal is to provide affordable housing to the black community, as well as provide economic and social opportunities.

On November 5, City Council voted to approve the grant request of $500,000 for the development. Councilwoman Kathy Galvin said old spaces and buildings need to start being reused.

“When you’ve got a deficit of space in the city, you’ve got a lot of land underutilized, old parking lots, old gas stations, so you’ve got to think outside the box,” Galvin said. “You’ve got to recycle, re-purpose, and reuse.”

The corporation stared in April and will focus on working within the small area plan developed for the Staff Hill neighborhood.

By starting the corporation, they hope that this will help more of the African-American community stay in Charlottesville and have more equal opportunities.

Source: http://www.nbc29.com/story/39455708/african-american-development-corporation-