Yolunda Harrell guest appearance on the "I ❤️ CVille" radio show

On July 18th, Yolunda Harrell, C.E.O. of New Hill, joined host Jerry Miller on “I ❤️ CVille” to discuss her childhood, entrepreneurial spirit, and the vision for this community organization!

In the latter half of the interview, Harrell discussed the importance of financial coaching, and how New Hill and Operation Hope are here to help citizens of C’ville manage their finances. When a lot of wealthier individuals “have financial analysts or financial investment bankers that…help them grow it, help them retain it, and help them avoid pitfalls,” the goal of New Hill is ”to bring that opportunity to everyone.”

As Jerry Miller says, New Hill is “serving as an educational sounding board and resource network to aspiring entrepreneurs, current business owners, and folks that want to get into homeownership,” as well as “building generational impact on the community.” We’re excited to continue these efforts.

Check out the I ❤️ CVille article and watch the full interview.