New Hill Development Co. Press Release



November 7, 2018



New Hill Development Corporation Receives Funding From Charlottesville City Council for Affordable Housing and Economic Redevelopment Initiatives


Charlottesville, VA– On Monday, November 5th, the Charlottesville City Council voted to support New Hill Development Corporation’s (“New Hill”) grant request of $500,000. The funding is seed capital and will help accelerate the organization’s plan to meet the demand for affordable housing and provide financial education.


More than half of the City’s investment will help finalize New Hill’s small area development plan, conduct economic feasibility studies and fund community engagement efforts.


“We are very grateful for the Council’s support and the encouragement we’ve received from residents throughout Charlottesville,” said Yolunda Harrell, Co-Founder and CEO, New Hill Development Corp. “When we formed New Hill we knew it would take hard work, long hours and sacrifice. Our mission is to provide avenues for economic equity, growth and resiliency through targeted financial education, homeownership and small business development. Thanks to the leadership of our board and support from other community investment partners, we are ready to do our part in helping this community continue to thrive.”


“I am excited to learn about New Hill Development Corporation and their plan to rebuild, rejuvenate and organically grow a black middle class in Charlottesville”, said Bernard Whitsett II, Chairman, Business Diversity Council, Charlottesville Area Chamber of Commerce. “An organization of this sort is long overdue to address and remedy the income disparities in Charlottesville and surrounding areas.  New Hill is a promising first step to infuse racial equity into the vast wealth gap in Charlottesville."


For more than a year, the founders of New Hill have met with more than two-dozen state and local elected officials, UVA administrators, banking and social impact investors, housing activists and community stakeholders to hear their ideas for long-term, sustainable solutions for Charlottesville’s most economically and socially vulnerable community – African Americans.


After the white supremacists terror of 2017, New Hill secured an initial investment made by the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation and is receiving technical support from UVA @ Social Entrepreneurship and UVA Health System.

About New Hill

Founded in 2018, New Hill Development Corp. is a community development corporation established to create an economic and social renaissance primarily in Charlottesville’s historic African American community. The board directors and executive leadership of New Hill are committed to projects that promote equity, prosperity, and inclusiveness, while helping to build a stronger, more economically diverse Charlottesville. 


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CBS19 Feature on New Hill

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Charlottesville City Council approved of a $500,000 grant for New Hill Development Corporation to create a small area plan.

New Hill Development Corporation is an African-American led nonprofit organization with the goal to help black upward mobility in Charlottesville.

The organization hopes to help the city develop affordable housing as well as create more black-owned businesses.

Yolunda Harrell, the CEO and founder of New Hill Development Corporation, said they want to hear what people would like to see in the new development. 

"We will work with the community to understand what the community would like to plan," said Harrell. "And that's what small area plans are about. We're at the beginning. We're not at the end. This is just what we're kicking off."

Harrell said the small area plan will look at how to develop the Star Hill area and the old footprint of Vinegar Hill.


NBC29 Feature on New Hill


More affordable housing may be on the way thanks to a new corporation that aims to help Charlottesville’s African-American community.

New Hill Development is the first African-American-led development corporation in Charlottesville. Its main goal is to provide affordable housing to the black community, as well as provide economic and social opportunities.

On November 5, City Council voted to approve the grant request of $500,000 for the development. Councilwoman Kathy Galvin said old spaces and buildings need to start being reused.

“When you’ve got a deficit of space in the city, you’ve got a lot of land underutilized, old parking lots, old gas stations, so you’ve got to think outside the box,” Galvin said. “You’ve got to recycle, re-purpose, and reuse.”

The corporation stared in April and will focus on working within the small area plan developed for the Staff Hill neighborhood.

By starting the corporation, they hope that this will help more of the African-American community stay in Charlottesville and have more equal opportunities.


Healing Charlottesville

The Heal Charlottesville Fund was founded in response to the white supremacist attacks in Charlottesville in August of 2017. Throughout the summer, Charlottesville was terrorized by white supremacists and Ku Klux Klan members, culminating in two days of violent clashes and a car attack. Our community was deeply saddened by the loss of Heather Heyer, Lt. H. Jay Cullen, and Trooper Berke Bates. A generous outpouring of support resulted in the creation of three funds: Heal Charlottesville, Concert for Charlottesville, and Unity Cville. These Funds are housed at the Community Foundation and are coordinating their work to help injured individuals, ensure trauma counseling services for the community, and address the impacts of structural racism.